The timber sector is recovered according to the FAO

By 12 July, 2016news
noticia madera

After the severe economic crisis, the wood sector seems to be in luck, according to the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO). And it does thanks in part to the furniture sector as the main protagonist. Is our industry, production of furniture design and style, where wood is an essential factor for our creations.

As you can see in our different collections, both Showcases, Shoemakers, Coffee Tables, Little Round Tables, Furniture Consoles, Shoe Cabinets, Headboards, chest Drawers, etc, wood is essential. It must be quality wood which is one of the factors that distinguish our products.

While it is true that the application of other types of materials such as marble or ceramics are growing in the production of luxury furniture, wood remains indispensable for the realization of this furniture, which increase their presence in the total sales sector.

To explain this growth of the sector must take into account several variables. The global economic recovery, the production of pellets of wood with a growth of 16% over last year and where there have been 26 million tons due to increased consumption in Europe mainly, and the recovery of the furniture sector in general.