The furniture made in Valencia recorded an increase in exports

By 9 September, 2016news

The Spain National Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters (ANIEME) presented the report of results of foreign trade of the Spanish furniture of the first half of 2016. Sales of furniture industry of Spain abroad increased by 12.4% exceeding the figure of 1,000 million euros.
January to June 2016: Results of the furniture export by regions:
Catalonia is maintained in the top ranking of CCAA, although their growth slows down, losing a point of its share of total national exports, with 25.7%.
The Valencian Community has increased its exports of furniture by 13.3%, holding a market share of 23.7% of the total exports at the national level and stood at second place in the ranking. Catalonia and Valencia totaled 49.4% of the whole national furniture export.


Ranking of countries. Furniture Export Spain:
France, Portugal, Germany and the UK are at the head of the main destinations of Spanish exports of furniture in the period January to June 2016, totaling more than half (52.1%) of total exports.

Leadership as the first destination of Spanish furniture corresponds to France with a share of 26.9% of the total exports in the first half of the year. It is therefore a key market for Spanish furniture, than the need for Spain to continue investing in promotion in France to keep high market share gained is derived. By contrast, reliance on a market is not positive, so we must strive to diversify destinations to avoid excessive concentration.

United States increases its purchases of Spanish furniture 27.4% and is in 5th place in the world ranking of destinations, the first international destination after the first four European countries.

Russia also, a decrease of 1.1% in the first half of 2016, ranked 15th, well below market shares that used to occupy before the devaluation of the ruble. Despite this situation, Russia is a market that we should not abandon, considering its size and strategic importance, and that is a net importer, which will eventually recover from the crisis. Therefore, despite the investment in promotion in Russia it is very high for the results they are getting right now, we must keep to keep the market niche achieved after much effort over the years.